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gemini 3200

The Napco Gemini P3200 Hybrid Security Panel, 8-32/48 Zones is an 8-zone hybrid control panel that can be expanded to 32 zones or 48 RF wireless points. This microcomputer-based burglary and residential fire alarm control panel features a built-in scheduler that allows you to program up to 255 scheduled events. The P3200 also offers an onboard programmable lug and GEM-ACCESS access control compatibility, allowing versatile use in most residential and commercial applications.


gemini 9600

The Napco Gemini P9600 Security Panel, 8-96 Zones is a fierce, multi-tasking hybrid security control panel suitable for high-end security applications and home automation integration. This microcomputer-based burglary and residential fire alarm control panel supports 96 users, four RF receivers, two interior bypass groups, automatic system arming/disarming, and three relay outputs (expandable to 96).


gemini x255

The Gemini X255 is an incredibly powerful and expandable alarm system business protection.  It has 8 wired zone inputs on board and can be expanded to 255 zones using multiplex expansion boards and alpha keypads.  It supports up to 195 users and 8 partitions/areas.  Add one or more Napco wireless receivers to support wireless sensors.


gemini 32C

GEM-C Combination Burglary/Access/ Fire System; UL 864, 9th Edition - Award Winning System Judged to be the Best in Fire/Life Safety by SIA 2011 Isolated commercial Burg./Access and Fire buses and option for separate burg/access battery backups-- easy calcs., ideal for AHJs. No costly extra Bus Isolator or Loop Isolator modules required! Integrates with GeminiAccess ACM Module.